Best Astrology Quotes and Sayings Collection. Read And Share These Amazing Astrology Quotes With Your Facebook Friends. There Is Force In The Universe, Which, If We Permit It, Will Flow Through Us And Produce Miraculous Results. Mahatma Gandhi

43 Great Astrology Quotes You Must Read For Good Time

Astrology Quotes don't judge a Gemini until you get to actually know
1. Don’T Judge A Gemini Until You Get To Actually Know

Astrology Quotes every think around us is made up of energy
2. Every Think Around Us Is Made Up Of Energy

Astrology Quotes if a genii truly and deeply likes you they'll try to be the best they can be for you in every aspect
3. If A Genii Truly And Deeply Likes You They’ll Try To Be The Best They Can Be For You In Every Aspect

Astrology Quotes i think the most romantic thing you can do is just turn up
4. I Think The Most Romantic Thing You Can Do Is Just Turn Up

Astrology Quotes cancer June 22 July 22 do not play with the feelings of a cancer
5. Cancer June 22 July 22 Do Not Play With The Feelings Of A Cancer

Astrology Quotes when I’m single all i see are couples being
6. When I’m Single All I See Are Couples Being

Astrology Quotes mars in arise brakes new ground
7. Mars In Arise Brakes New Ground

Astrology Quotes the stars are a long way off and their words get
8. The Stars Are A Long Way Off And Their Words Get

Astrology Quotes Gemini daily quotes fear desire hope still push us on toward
9. Gemini Daily Quotes Fear Desire Hope Still Push Us On Toward

Astrology Quotes outgoing spontaneous not the one to mess
10. Outgoing Spontaneous Not The One To Mess

Astrology Quotes there is force in the universe which if we
11. There Is Force In The Universe, Which, If We Permit It, Will Flow Through Us And Produce Miraculous Results. Mahatma Gandhi

Astrology Quotes be yourself don’t take anything from
12. Be Yourself Don’t Take Anything From

Astrology Quotes a physician without a knowledge of astrology
13. A Physician Without A Knowledge Of Astrology

Astrology Quotes she has a smart ass mouth but she's as honest as they come she's sarcastic
14. She Has A Smart Ass Mouth But She’S As Honest As They Come She’S Sarcastic

Astrology Quotes my aim is to put down on paper what i see and what i feel in the best
15. My Aim Is To Put Down On Paper What I See And What I Feel In The Best

Astrology Quotes only in the darkness can you see the stars
16. Only In The Darkness Can You See The Stars

Astrology Quotes a child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are
17. A Child Is Born On That Day And At That Hour When The Celestial Rays Are

Astrology Quotes the moon is nocturnal and reflect
18. The Moon Is Nocturnal And Reflect

Astrology Quotes she stood in the storm when the wind did not blow her away she adjusted
19. She Stood In The Storm When The Wind Did Not Blow Her Away She Adjusted

Astrology Quotes zodiac problem not knowing how to explain to your lover that sometimes you
20. Zodiac Problem Not Knowing How To Explain To Your Lover That Sometimes You

Astrology Quotes astrology is assured of recognition from psychology without further
21. Astrology Is Assured Of Recognition From Psychology Without Further

Astrology Quotes we lose our sense of time it is seductive hold us
22. We Lose Our Sense Of Time It Is Seductive Hold Us

Short Astrology Quotes

Astrology Quotes the moon's role is to shed light on our emotions unearth
23. The Moon’S Role Is To Shed Light On Our Emotions Unearth

Astrology Quotes astronomy to the selfish becomes
24. Astronomy To The Selfish Becomes

Astrology Quotes millionaires don't use astrology billionaire do
25. Millionaires Don’T Use Astrology Billionaire Do

Astrology Quotes their dream lover Virgo
26. Their Dream Lover Virgo

Astrology Quotes economics 101 the only function of comic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable
27. Economics 101 The Only Function Of Comic Forecasting Is To Make Astrology Look Respectable

Astrology Quotes the only function of economic forecasting is to make
28. The Only Function Of Economic Forecasting Is To Make

Astrology Quotes astrology is a language
29. Astrology Is A Language

Astrology Quotes there's no such thing as coincidence i say it's synchronicity
30. There’S No Such Thing As Coincidence I Say It’S Synchronicity

Astrology Quotes Leos are known to be loyal they won't mind putting up a fight for you although if you make a leo
31. Leos Are Known To Be Loyal They Won’T Mind Putting Up A Fight For You Although If You Make A Leo

Astrology Quotes the evolution of knowledge is toward simplicity
32. The Evolution Of Knowledge Is Toward Simplicity

Astrology Quotes astrology is just a finger pointing at reality
33. Astrology Is Just A Finger Pointing At Reality

Astrology Quotes the celestial bodies are the cause of all that takes place in the sublunary world
34. The Celestial Bodies Are The Cause Of All That Takes Place In The Sublunary World

Astrology Quotes we need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac
35. We Need Not Feel Ashamed Of Flirting With The Zodiac

Astrology Quotes astrology reveals the will of the gods
36. Astrology Reveals The Will Of The Gods

Astrology Quotes superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy the mad daughter
37. Superstition Is To Religion What Astrology Is To Astronomy The Mad Daughter

Astrology Quotes you give me the kind of feeling people write novels about
38. You Give Me The Kind Of Feeling People Write Novels About

Astrology Quotes there is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over
39. There Is No Better Boat Than A Horoscope To Help A Man Cross Over

Astrology Quotes don't define your world in black and white
40. Don’T Define Your World In Black And White

Astrology Quotes be humble for you are made of earth be noble for you are
41. Be Humble For You Are Made Of Earth Be Noble For You Are

Astrology Quotes men should take their knowledge from the sun
42. Men Should Take Their Knowledge From The Sun

Astrology Quotes and in that moment swear we were infinite
43. Astrology Quotes And In That Moment Swear We Were Infinite