Popular Zodiac Sayings and Quotes Collection. Read and Share These Amazing Zodiac Quotes With Your Facebook and Whatsapp Friends. Don’t Leave A Gemini To Assume Too Much Their Mind Is In Constant Overdrive, So Your Best Bet Is To Make Things As Clear As Possible.

44 Famous Zodiac Sayings You Must Read

Zodiac Sayings what 's sexy about scorpio
1. What ‘S Sexy About Scorpio

Zodiac Sayings gemini and pisces make great friends as well as lovers
2. Gemini And Pisces Make Great Friends As Well As Lovers

Zodiac Sayings Libras have a huge fear of being alone and when they feel they
3. Libras Have A Huge Fear Of Being Alone And When They Feel They

Zodiac Sayings if you piss a scorpio off they will strike where it really hurts you the most
4. If You Piss A Scorpio Off They Will Strike Where It Really Hurts You The Most

Zodiac Sayings most people think scorpios are mean but if you get to know them they're actually some of the most sweetest people ever
5. Most People Think Scorpios Are Mean But If You Get To Know Them They’re Actually Some Of The Most Sweetest People Ever

Zodiac Sayings she's able to adapt and mingle with all kinds of people she has a nervous energy that
6. She’s Able To Adapt And Mingle With All Kinds Of People She Has A Nervous Energy That

Zodiac Sayings she knows and feels way more than she espresses she doesn't like to be complicated s
7. She Knows And Feels Way More Than She Expresses She Doesn’T Like To Be Complicated S

Zodiac Sayings in their deepest heart a gemini has a strong insecurity about love and
8. In Their Deepest Heart A Gemini Has A Strong Insecurity About Love And

Zodiac Sayings those who try to one up them and try to tell them that they are wrong people
9. Those Who Try To One Up Them And Try To Tell Them That They Are Wrong People

Zodiac Sayings why scorpio are passionate and thrive on seeking the truth in their daily lives they will also use
10. Why Scorpio Are Passionate And Thrive On Seeking The Truth In Their Daily Lives They Will Also Use

Zodiac Sayings dissociative identity disorder relying on various personalities to protect oneself having two or more
11. Dissociative Identity Disorder Relying On Various Personalities To Protect Oneself Having Two Or More

Zodiac Sayings nothing hurts more to libra than being disappointed by the person they thought
12. Nothing Hurts More To Libra Than Being Disappointed By The Person They Thought

Zodiac Sayings why coffee gives that stimulating effect to get a person moving
13. Why Coffee Gives That Stimulating Effect To Get A Person Moving

Zodiac Sayings scorpio has the ability to deal with the issue of life that are troublesome to a lot
14. Scorpio Has The Ability To Deal With The Issue Of Life That Are Troublesome To A Lot

Zodiac Sayings you're naturally generous you don't give up on people
15. You’re Naturally Generous You Don’t Give Up On People

Coolest Zodiac Sayings

Zodiac Sayings i know in my heart that i give way way more than i should
16. I Know In My Heart That I Give Way Way More Than I Should

Zodiac Sayings Libra will love you with all their heart and have the best intentions but
17. Libra Will Love You With All Their Heart And Have The Best Intentions But

Zodiac Sayings i think the worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing
18. I Think The Worst Thing You Can Do About A Situation Is Nothing

Zodiac Sayings don't worry ill take Care of it
19. Don’t Worry Ill Take Care Of It

Zodiac Sayings i'd be smiling and chatting away and my mind would be floating around somewhere
20. ‘D Be Smiling And Chatting Away And My Mind Would Be Floating Around Somewhere

Zodiac Sayings not to be rude but geminis are smarter than
21. Not To Be Rude But Geminis Are Smarter Than

Zodiac Sayings scorpio is the one sign that can give you sensitivity moodiness dominance
22. Scorpio Is The One Sign That Can Give You Sensitivity Moodiness Dominance

Zodiac Sayings it doesn't take much time for them to
23. It Doesn’T Take Much Time For Them To

Zodiac Sayings are able to get on their children's wavelength easily
24. Are Able To Get On Their Children’s Wavelength Easily

Zodiac Sayings what you need to know about she can adapt to things quickly she
25. What You Need To Know About She Can Adapt To Things Quickly She

Zodiac Sayings a leo's anger is one loud nuclear disaster they have
26. A Leo’s Anger Is One Loud Nuclear Disaster They Have

Zodiac Sayings your need for attention can be misconstrued as needy
27. Your Need For Attention Can Be Misconstrued As Needy

Zodiac Sayings rude selfish inconsiderate and unfair people
28. Rude Selfish Inconsiderate And Unfair People

Zodiac Sayings confident on the outside but sensitive on the inside
29. Confident On The Outside But Sensitive On The Inside

Zodiac Sayings don't leave a gemini to assume too much their mind is in constant overdrive
30. Don’t Leave A Gemini To Assume Too Much Their Mind Is In Constant Overdrive, So Your Best Bet Is To Make Things As Clear As Possible.

Famous Zodiac Sayings

Zodiac Sayings i spend a lot of time with a crown on my head halle
31. I Spend A Lot Of Time With A Crown On My Head Halle

Zodiac Sayings gemini don't usually trust easily but when they do they trust heartily
32. Gemini Don’T Usually Trust Easily But When They Do They Trust Heartily

Zodiac Sayings a leo who wants to be alone on purpose is perfectly fine being alone when they are alone
33. A Leo Who Wants To Be Alone On Purpose Is Perfectly Fine Being Alone When They Are Alone

Zodiac Sayings be honest and considerate with a scorpio
34. Be Honest And Considerate With A Scorpio

Zodiac Sayings Libra are over thinkers they must have thought
35. Libra Are Over Thinkers They Must Have Thought

Zodiac Sayings scorpio a hugs are long lasting and relatively snuggly
36. Scorpio A Hugs Are Long Lasting And Relatively Snuggle

Zodiac Sayings one thing that goes unnoticed a lot about gemini is how protective they are
37. One Thing That Goes Unnoticed A Lot About Gemini Is How Protective They Are

Zodiac Sayings i have feelings too i am still human all i want is to be loved
38. I Have Feelings Too I Am Still Human All I Want Is To Be Loved

Zodiac Sayings you may think a scorpio is being paranoid but their
39. You May Think A Scorpio Is Being Paranoid But Their

Zodiac Sayings piss a libra off enough and you become invisible to them
40. Piss A Libra Off Enough And You Become Invisible To Them

Zodiac Sayings while they are great friends and lovers if you lose a leo's trust its almost
41. While They Are Great Friends And Lovers If You Lose A Leo’s Trust Its Almost

Zodiac Sayings as a leo you're good at giving people advice and trying to solve their problems but
42. As A Leo You’re Good At Giving People Advice And Trying To Solve Their Problems But

Zodiac Sayings you can't fool a scorpio not even for a second
43. You Can’t Fool A Scorpio Not Even For A Second

Zodiac Sayings you will never see a greater heart turn cold than a scorpio who believed in you before your lies began to unfold
44. You Will Never See A Greater Heart Turn Cold Than A Scorpio Who Believed In You Before Your Lies Began To Unfold