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Scorpio Sayings

Scorpio Sayings Before you criticize someone you should walk a mile in their shoes
1. Before You Criticize Someone You Should Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Scorpio Sayings Some people are like slinkies not really good for anything
2. Some People Are Like Slinkies Not Really Good For Anything

Scorpio Sayings Scorpio will always appear to have a tough surface
3. Scorpio Will Always Appear To Have A Tough Surface

Scorpio Sayings Why you should be friends with a scorpio
4. Why You Should Be Friends With A Scorpio

Scorpio Sayings Why you'll love a Scorpio strong and sexy a scorpio will overpower you
5. Why You’ll Love A Scorpio Strong And Sexy A Scorpio Will Overpower You

Scorpio Sayings A scorpio always enjoys a long romantic stroll through their lover's house
6. A Scorpio Always Enjoys A Long Romantic Stroll Through Their Lover’s House

Scorpio Sayings Scorpio has a fascination with how to destroy people
7. Scorpio Has A Fascination With How To Destroy People

Scorpio Sayings Some women are lost in the fire some women are built from it Michelle K. Some
8. Some Women Are Lost In The Fire Some Women Are Built From It Michelle K. Some

Scorpio Sayings She lives her life like a flame a dance of purposeful chaos
9. She Lives Her Life Like A Flame A Dance Of Purposeful Chaos

Scorpio Sayings Knowing how to touch her without touching her really touches her
10. Knowing How To Touch Her Without Touching Her Really Touches Her

Scorpio Sayings Scorpio tends to be extreme in everything they do
11. Scorpio Tends To Be Extreme In Everything They Do

Scorpio Sayings Scorpio's are super loyal when in love
12. Scorpio’s Are Super Loyal When In Love

Scorpio Quotations

Scorpio Sayings A scorpio will probe untill they reach the truth
13. A Scorpio Will Probe Until They Reach The Truth

Scorpio Sayings Scorpios don't back away from the truth just because it's something
14. Scorpios Don’t Back Away From The Truth Just Because It’s Something

Scorpio Sayings I am a Scorpio and i am a thinker
15. I Am A Scorpio And I Am A Thinker

Scorpio Quotes And Sayings 05
16. Scorpio Are Sure To Let You Think You’re Playing Them….

Scorpio Sayings I am an intense person i don't do things half way
17. I Am An Intense Person I Don’t Do Things Half Way

Scorpio Sayings She was a whirlwind of crazy chaos but she was so damn passionate
18. She Was A Whirlwind Of Crazy Chaos But She Was So Damn Passionate

Scorpio Sayings Scorpios are sure to let you think you're playing them
19. Scorpios Are Sure To Let You Think You’re Playing Them

Scorpio Sayings The meaning of life is to find your gift
20. The Meaning Of Life Is To Find Your Gift

Scorpio Sayings Something about a woman who can look at you in the eye
21. Something About A Woman Who Can Look At You In The Eye

Scorpio Sayings Scorpio women are very emotional , very demanding and very demonstrative
22. Scorpio Women Are Very Emotional , Very Demanding And Very Demonstrative

Scorpio Sayings Scorpio lovers are interested in long term relationship or marriage
23. Scorpio Lovers Are Interested In Long Term Relationship Or Marriage

Scorpio Sayings Common stereotype of a Scorpio why are scorpios so secretive
24. Common Stereotype Of A Scorpio Why Are Scorpios So Secretive


Scorpio Sayings Scorpio can dive so deeply into their subconscious at times, that they lose sight of the sun
25. Scorpio Can Dive So Deeply Into Their Subconscious At Times, That They Lose Sight Of The Sun

Scorpio Sayings She loved mysteries so much that she became one
26. She Loved Mysteries So Much That She Became One

Scorpio Sayings If scorpio cares about someone they can be very sacrificing bending over backwards at times
27. If Scorpio Cares About Someone They Can Be Very Sacrificing Bending Over Backwards At Times

Scorpio Sayings Don't expect instant friendship with a scorpio
28. Don’t Expect Instant Friendship With A Scorpio

Scorpio Sayings The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared
29. The Woman Who Does Not Require Validation From Anyone Is The Most Feared

Scorpio Sayings Scorpio constantly torn between treat others how you wanna be treated and treat others how they treat you
30. Scorpio Constantly Torn Between Treat Others How You Wanna Be Treated And Treat Others How They Treat You

Scorpio Quotes And Sayings 03
31. You May Say Somethings That You Have Already Forgotten..

Scorpio Sayings What you don't understand is i act like i don't care but deep down
32. What You Don’t Understand Is I Act Like I Don’t Care But Deep Down

Scorpio Sayings Keep calm it's officially scorpio season
33. Keep Calm It’s Officially Scorpio Season

Scorpio Sayings Trying to fool a scorpio have fun you won't really get far
34. Trying To Fool A Scorpio Have Fun You Won’t Really Get Far


Scorpio Sayings A scorpio knows deep in their heart they are capable of great good or great evil
35. A Scorpio Knows Deep In Their Heart They Are Capable Of Great Good Or Great Evil

Scorpio Quotes And Sayings 02
36. Whoever Ends Up With Scorpio Is Gonna Be Lucky Af. They’ve Done So Much Shit For The Wrong People.

Scorpio Sayings Life is about kicking ass not kissing it
37. Life Is About Kicking Ass Not Kissing It

Scorpio Sayings I will win not immediately but definitely
38. I Will Win Not Immediately But Definitely

Scorpio Sayings If you're lucky enough to be with a Scorpio you will always be satisfied
39. If You’re Lucky Enough To Be With A Scorpio You Will Always Be Satisfied

Scorpio Sayings Hating people takes too much energy i just pretend they're dead
40. Hating People Takes Too Much Energy I Just Pretend They’re

Scorpio Sayings Scorpio loyalty and orgasms that's all they want and food
41. Scorpio Loyalty And Orgasms That’s All They Want And Food.Scorpio Sayings

Scorpio Sayings I know who i am and what i'm capable of you'd wise not to understand me
42. I Know Who I Am And What I’m Capable Of You’d Wise Not To Understand Me.Scorpio Sayings

Scorpio Quotes And Sayings 01
43. You Will Never See A Greater Heart Turn Cold, Than A  Scorpio Who Believed In You..Scorpio Sayings

Scorpio Sayings A scorpio may want you but they don't need you
44. A Scorpio May Want You But They Don’t Need You.Scorpio Sayings

Scorpio Sayings Scorpio do it with passion or not at all
45. Scorpio Do It With Passion Or Not At All.Scorpio Sayings

Scorpio Sayings You haven't even seen my bad side yet.
46. You Haven’t Even Seen My Bad Side Yet.Scorpio Sayings

Scorpio Quotes And Sayings 04
47. I Will Destroy You In The Most Beautiful Way Possible & When I Leave, You Will Finally Understand Why Storms Are Named After People.Scorpio Sayings

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