Top Famous Equality Sayings And Quotes Collection. Equality Is Not In Regarding Different Things Similarly, Equality Is In Regarding Different Things Differently. Tom Robbins

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Equality Sayings Every step toward the girl of justice requires sacrifice suffering and struggle
1. Every Step Toward The Girl Of Justice Requires Sacrifice Suffering And Struggle

Equality Sayings the function of education is to teach intensively and to think critically
2. The Function Of Education Is To Teach Intensively And To Think Critically

Equality Sayings i have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they
3. I Have A Dream That My Four Little Children Will One Day Live In A Nation Where They

Equality Sayings the media says that equality for women has arrived but if you look around
4. The Media Says That Equality For Women Has Arrived But If You Look Around

Equality Sayings the purpose that brought the fourteenth amendment into being was equality before the law
5. The Purpose That Brought The Fourteenth Amendment Into Being Was Equality Before The Law

Equality Sayings is said on the equality side of it that it is essential to woman’s
6. Is Said On The Equality Side Of It That It Is Essential To Woman’s

Equality Sayings if people can learn to hate they can be taught to love for love comes
7. If People Can Learn To Hate They Can Be Taught To Love For Love Comes

Equality Sayings we are all entitled to live green and equal
8. We Are All Entitled To Live Green And Equal

Equality Sayings equality is not in regarding different
9. Equality Is Not In Regarding Different Things Similarly, Equality Is In Regarding Different Things Differently. Tom Robbins

Equality Sayings as equality increases so does the number of people struggling for predominance
10. As Equality Increases So Does The Number Of People Struggling For Predominance

Equality Sayings the equality that we are all entitled to so citizen of this democracy
11. The Equality That We Are All Entitled To So Citizen Of This Democracy

Equality Sayings no matter your social status or how powerful you feel you are we are all equal
12. No Matter Your Social Status Or How Powerful You Feel You Are We Are All Equal

Equality Sayings candor is a compliment it implies equality it's how true friends talk
13. Candor Is A Compliment It Implies Equality It’S How True Friends Talk

Equality Sayings equality rightly understood as our founding fathers understood it leads t
14. Equality Rightly Understood As Our Founding Fathers Understood It Leads T

Equality Sayings the worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal
15. The Worst Form Of Inequality Is To Try To Make Unequal Things Equal

Equality Sayings i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of it's creed
16. I Have A Dream That One Day This Nation Will Rise Up And Live Out The True Meaning Of It’S Creed

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Equality Sayings Canadair the homeland of equality justice and tolerance
17. Canadair The Homeland Of Equality Justice And Tolerance

Equality Sayings everything is what it is liberty is liberty not equality
18. Everything Is What It Is Liberty Is Liberty Not Equality

Equality Sayings if only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies how very different
19. If Only Our Eyes Saw Souls Instead Of Bodies How Very Different

Equality Sayings before god we are all equally wise and equally foolish
20. Before God We Are All Equally Wise And Equally Foolish

Equality Sayings it is time that we all are gender as a spectrum opposing ideals
21. It Is Time That We All Are Gender As A Spectrum Opposing Ideals

Equality Sayings take your message of equality of achievement take your message of
22. Take Your Message Of Equality Of Achievement Take Your Message Of

Equality Sayings until you treat everyone as an equal you have no right to complain about
23. Until You Treat Everyone As An Equal You Have No Right To Complain About

Equality Sayings until we get equality in education we don't have an equal society
24. Until We Get Equality In Education We Don’T Have An Equal Society

Equality Sayings negro equality fudge how long in the government of a god great enough
25. Negro Equality Fudge How Long In The Government Of A God Great Enough

Equality Sayings when i encounter people who try to make me feel lesser than equal i don’t argue
26. When I Encounter People Who Try To Make Me Feel Lesser Than Equal I Don’t Argue

Equality Sayings six feet or earth make all men equal
27. Six Feet Or Earth Make All Men Equal

Equality Sayings virtue can only flourish among equals
28. Virtue Can Only Flourish Among Equals

Equality Sayings whether women are better than main cannot say but i can say they are certainly no worse
29. Whether Women Are Better Than Main Cannot Say But I Can Say They Are Certainly No Worse

Equality Sayings i am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her own skin
30. I Am Obsessed With Becoming A Woman Comfortable In Her Own Skin

Equality Sayings democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions it only guarantees equality of opportunity
31. Democracy Does Not Guarantee Equality Of Conditions It Only Guarantees Equality Of Opportunity

Equality Sayings let knowledge be guessed by the sign of equality to all beings
32. Let Knowledge Be Guessed By The Sign Of Equality To All Beings

Equality Sayings and Quotes

Equality Sayings i believe in equality for everyone except reporters and photographers
33. I Believe In Equality For Everyone Except Reporters And Photographers

Equality Sayings any serious shift towards more sustainable societies has to include gender equality
34. Any Serious Shift Towards More Sustainable Societies Has To Include Gender Equality

Equality Sayings coming generations will learn equality from poverty and love from woes
35. Coming Generations Will Learn Equality From Poverty And Love From Woes

Equality Sayings there are really not many jobs that actully require a penis or a vagina and all other occupations should be open to everyone
36. There Are Really Not Many Jobs That Actually Require A Penis Or A Vagina And All Other Occupations Should Be Open To Everyone

Equality Sayings equality implies individuality
37. Equality Implies Individuality

Equality Sayings women are not going to be equal outside the home until men are equal in it
38. Women Are Not Going To Be Equal Outside The Home Until Men Are Equal In It

Equality Sayings you learn about equality in history and civics but you find out life is not really like that
39. You Learn About Equality In History And Civics But You Find Out Life Is Not Really Like That

Equality Sayings but one also finds in the human heart a depraved taste for equality
40. But One Also Finds In The Human Heart A Depraved Taste For Equality

Equality Sayings the society that puts equality will end up with neither
41. The Society That Puts Equality Will End Up With Neither

Equality Sayings those who believe in democracy liberty or freedom must support equality
42. Those Who Believe In Democracy Liberty Or Freedom Must Support Equality

Equality Sayings disease generally begins that equality which death completes
43. Disease Generally Begins That Equality Which Death Completes

Equality Sayings women who seek to be equal with men kick ambition
44. Women Who Seek To Be Equal With Men Kick Ambition

Equality Sayings the soul equality on earth is death
45. The Soul Equality On Earth Is Death

Equality Sayings gender equality is a precondition to overcoming starvation poverty and epidemics
46. Gender Equality Is A Precondition To Overcoming Starvation Poverty And Epidemics

Equality Sayings equality of opportunity is freedom but equality of outcome is repression
47. Equality Of Opportunity Is Freedom But Equality Of Outcome Is Repression

Equality Sayings everybody thinks that equality comes from identifying people and that is not where equality comes from
48. Everybody Thinks That Equality Comes From Identifying People And That Is Not Where Equality Comes From