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Famous Lie Quotes and Sayings Collection. A Single Lie Discovered Is Enough To Create Doubt In Every Truth. Read and Share These Popular Lie Quotes With Your Friends and Family Members.

50 Top Lie Quotes and Sayings With HD Pictures

Lie Quotes When it comes to the truth and lies
1. When It Comes To The Truth And Lies

Lie Quotes a liar will not be believed even when he speaks
2. A Liar Will Not Be Believed Even When He Speaks

Lie Quotes tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable
3. Tell A Lie Once And All Your Truths Become Questionable

Lie Quotes a single lie discovered
4. A Single Lie Discovered Is Enough To Create Doubt In Every Truth.

Lie Quotes mark twain if you tell the truth you don't have to
5. Mark Twain If You Tell The Truth You Don’T Have To

Lie Quotes and after all what is a lie tis but the truth
6. And After All What Is A Lie Tis But The Truth

Lie Quotes I don't hate you I’m just disappointed you turned into
7. I Don’T Hate You I’m Just Disappointed You Turned Into

Lie Quotes people lie actions don't
8. People Lie Actions Don’t

Lie Quotes a lie may take care of the present
9. A Lie May Take Care Of The Present

Lie Quotes a lie can travel half way around the world while
10. A Lie Can Travel Half Way Around The World While

Lie Quotes the truth doesn't cost anything
11. The Truth Doesn’t Cost Anything

Lie Quotes i don't know what’s worse people who lie or people who think i am stupid enough to
12. I Don’T Know What’s Worse People Who Lie Or People Who Think I Am Stupid Enough To

Lie Quotes tell a lie once and all your truths
13. Tell A Lie Once And All Your Truths

Lie Quotes nothing better than listening to a lie when you already know the truth
14. Nothing Better Than Listening To A Lie When You Already Know The Truth

Lie Quotes every time you lie it brings me a little closer to
15. Every Time You Lie It Brings Me A Little Closer To

Lie Quotes I’m not upset that you lied to me
16. I’m Not Upset That You Lied To Me

Lie Quotes the only people who are mad at you for speaking the
17. The Only People Who Are Mad At You For Speaking The

Lie Quotes once you lie to me once i'll question everything else
18. Once You Lie To Me Once I’Ll Question Everything Else

Lie Quotes the roots of all goodness lie in the soil
19. The Roots Of All Goodness Lie In The Soil

Lie Quotes for every good reason there is to lie
20. For Every Good Reason There Is To Lie

Lie Quotes i hate being lied straight to my
21. I Hate Being Lied Straight To My

Lie Quotes you can't constantly lie and expect
22. You Can’T Constantly Lie And Expect

Lie Quotes never lie to someone who trusts you never trust someone who lie to you
23. Never Lie To Someone Who Trusts You Never Trust Someone Who Lie To You

Lie Quotes i love listening to lie when
24. I Love Listening To Lie When

Lie Quotes never argue with someone who believes their own lies
25. Never Argue With Someone Who Believes Their Own Lies

Great Lie Quotes and Quotations

Lie Quotes the worst part about being lied to is feeling stupid cos
26. The Worst Part About Being Lied To Is Feeling Stupid Cos

Lie Quotes little secrets grow up to be big lies
27. Little Secrets Grow Up To Be Big Lies

Lie Quotes lies are a temporary solution to a permanent problem
28. Lies Are A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem

Lie Quotes telling lies to protect someone you love only destroys them in the end
29. Telling Lies To Protect Someone You Love Only Destroys Them In The End

Lie Quotes you can't stop a person from doing what they want to do
30. You Can’T Stop A Person From Doing What They Want To Do

Lie Quotes I’m not upset that you lied to me I’m upset that from now on i cant believe you
31. I’m Not Upset That You Lied To Me I’m Upset That From Now On I Cant Believe You

Lie Quotes 3 rules in relationships don't lie don't cheat
32. 3 Rules In Relationships Don’T Lie Don’T Cheat

Lie Quotes plants a tree today make the life of the earth
33. Plants A Tree Today Make The Life Of The Earth

Lie Quotes Your intellect may be confused but you emotions
34. Your Intellect May Be Confused But You Emotions

Lie Quotes one lie is enough to question all truths
35. One Lie Is Enough To Question All Truths

Lie Quotes it is better to take what does not belong to you than to let it lie around neglected
36. It Is Better To Take What Does Not Belong To You Than To Let It Lie Around Neglected

Lie Quotes of all the lies i've heard i love you
37. Of All The Lies I’Ve Heard I Love You

Lie Quotes of all the lies I’ve heard i love
38. Of All The Lies I’ve Heard I Love

Lie Quotes it's not the lie that brothers me it's the
39. It’S Not The Lie That Brothers Me It’S The

Lie Quotes big or small lies are lies
40. Big Or Small Lies Are Lies

Lie Quotes a lie gets halfway around
41. A Lie Gets Halfway Around

Lie Quotes i love listening to lies when i know
42. I Love Listening To Lies When I Know

Lie Quotes trust is like an eraser it gets smaller
43. Trust Is Like An Eraser It Gets Smaller

Lie Quotes the worst thing about being lied to is knowing
44. The Worst Thing About Being Lied To Is Knowing

Lie Quotes you don't have to tell me everything just don't lie to me
45. You Don’T Have To Tell Me Everything Just Don’T Lie To Me

Lie Quotes the truth may hurt for a little while
46. The Truth May Hurt For A Little While

Lie Quotes never lie to the person you love it's
47. Never Lie To The Person You Love It’S

Lie Quotes when it comes to the truth and lie
48. When It Comes To The Truth And Lie

Lie Quotes she be lived
49. She Be Lived

Lie Quotes if you want to be trusted just be honest
50. Lie Quotes – If You Want To Be Trusted Just Be Honest