Famous Victory Sayings and Quotes. Read and Share These Motivational Victory Quotes With Your Facebook Friends. If You Believe In Victory You Win Because Victory Believes In You.

55 Amazing Victory Sayings Will Inspire You The Most

Victory Sayings victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay it's price
1. Victory Is Reserved For Those Who Are Willing To Pay It’S Price

Victory Sayings embrace the fact that god is on your side
2. Embrace The Fact That God Is On Your Side

Victory Sayings god has given you everything you need to
3. God Has Given You Everything You Need To

Victory Sayings the first and best victory is to conquer self to be conquered by selfish of all
4. The First And Best Victory Is To Conquer Self To Be Conquered By Selfish Of All

Victory Sayings i am not a victim no matter what i have been through I’m still here i have a history of victory
5. I Am Not A Victim No Matter What I Have Been Through I’m Still Here I Have A History Of Victory

Victory Sayings if you believe in victory you win because victory
6. If You Believe In Victory You Win Because Victory Believes In You.

Victory Sayings don't take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second
7. Don’T Take Rest After Your First Victory Because If You Fail In Second

Victory Sayings the victory of success is half won when
8. The Victory Of Success Is Half Won When

Victory Sayings not every victory shows up on the scoreboard
9. Not Every Victory Shows Up On The Scoreboard

Victory Sayings it is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles
10. It Is Better To Conquer Yourself Than To Win A Thousand Battles

Victory Sayings exactly the power that has been
11. Exactly The Power That Has Been

Victory Sayings if there be no enemy there no fight if no fight no victory
12. If There Be No Enemy There No Fight If No Fight No Victory

Victory Sayings the secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non
13. The Secret Of All Victory Lies In The Organization Of The Non

Victory Sayings victory belongs to those that believe in it the most and believe in it the longest
14. Victory Belongs To Those That Believe In It The Most And Believe In It The Longest

Victory Sayings i play to win whether during practice or a real game and i will not
15. I Play To Win Whether During Practice Or A Real Game And I Will Not

Victory Sayings in the long run happiness is not a pleasure but
16. In The Long Run Happiness Is Not A Pleasure But

Victory Sayings defeat breeds change and change breeds victory
17. Defeat Breeds Change And Change Breeds Victory

Victory Sayings if you think you can win faith is necessary to victory
18. If You Think You Can Win Faith Is Necessary To Victory

Victory Sayings against brute force and injustice the people will have the last
19. Against Brute Force And Injustice The People Will Have The Last

Victory Sayings first they ignore you then they laugh at
20. First They Ignore You Then They Laugh At

Victory Sayings the greatest victory is that which requires no battle
21. The Greatest Victory Is That Which Requires No Battle

Victory Sayings invincibility lies in the defense the possibility or victory in the attack
22. Invincibility Lies In The Defense The Possibility Or Victory In The Attack

Victory Sayings as in the war of our victory and our
23. As In The War Of Our Victory And Our

Victory Sayings the level of faith and trust that you place in god will determine the size of your
24. The Level Of Faith And Trust That You Place In God Will Determine The Size Of Your

Popular Victory Sayings

Victory Sayings there is no victory without a battle
25. There Is No Victory Without A Battle

Victory Sayings in war there is no substitute for victory
26. In War There Is No Substitute For Victory

Victory Sayings pain is only temporary but victory is forever
27. Pain Is Only Temporary But Victory Is Forever

Victory Sayings it is not truth that matters but victory
28. It Is Not Truth That Matters But Victory

Victory Sayings eye on the prize if victory is farsighted
29. Eye On The Prize If Victory Is Farsighted

Victory Sayings if you think you can win you can faith is necessary
30. If You Think You Can Win You Can Faith Is Necessary

Victory Sayings our struggle can end only in victory
31. Our Struggle Can End Only In Victory

Victory Sayings think victory be victory and victorious things will happen
32. Think Victory Be Victory And Victorious Things Will Happen

Victory Sayings if you know your enemy and you know yourself
33. If You Know Your Enemy And You Know Yourself

Victory Sayings accept challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory
34. Accept Challenges So That You May Feel The Exhilaration Of Victory

Victory Sayings in victory you deserve champagne in defeat you need it
35. In Victory You Deserve Champagne In Defeat You Need It

Victory Sayings every great achievement is the victory of flaming heart
36. Every Great Achievement Is The Victory Of Flaming Heart

Victory Sayings the harder the battle the sweeter
37. The Harder The Battle The Sweeter

Victory Sayings in war there is no substitute for
38. In War There Is No Substitute For

Victory Sayings victory is earned best when being a good sportsman
39. Victory Is Earned Best When Being A Good Sportsman

Victory Sayings the moment of victory is much too short
40. The Moment Of Victory Is Much Too Short

Victory Sayings today is victory day the day when we stood up when our unity
41. Today Is Victory Day The Day When We Stood Up When Our Unity

Victory Sayings I’m on a quest to claim absolute victory
42. I’m On A Quest To Claim Absolute Victory

Victory Sayings i count him braver who overcomes his
43. I Count Him Braver Who Overcomes His

Victory Sayings victory belongs to the most persevering
44. Victory Belongs To The Most Persevering

Victory Sayings a single grain of rice can tip the scale
45. A Single Grain Of Rice Can Tip The Scale

Victory Sayings long lasting victory can never be separated from a long
46. Long Lasting Victory Can Never Be Separated From A Long

Victory Sayings you did not come this far to
47. You Did Not Come This Far To

Victory Sayings don't take rest after our first victory
48. Don’T Take Rest After Our First Victory

Victory Sayings we learn little from victory much from defeat
49. We Learn Little From Victory Much From Defeat

Victory Sayings for us to continue to fight and get this victory it say
50. For Us To Continue To Fight And Get This Victory It Say

Victory Sayings until victory always
51. Until Victory Always

Victory Sayings history is written by winners
52. History Is Written By Winners

Victory Sayings today limits will be tomorrow's victories
53. Today Limits Will Be Tomorrow’S Victories

Victory Sayings hold up your head you were made for victory
54. Hold Up Your Head You Were Made For Victory

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